Friday, November 11, 2011

Diego del Morao - Al Trote

Tangos Solo Compas, Tempo 178

Curro De Jerez - Bulerias (tabs)

Paco De Lucia - En Vivo (New CD - DVD)

Advance order. Available next December 1st

Paco de Lucía finally breaks his recording silence. Seven years after his latest studio album "Cositas buenas", the international master of flamenco guitar releases "Paco de Lucia. En vivo" ("Live"). The album reflects the massive concert tour he offered around Spain in 2010. And it’s presented as a special edition that contains two CDs and a DVD with the documentary film entitled "The immortality of a concert" making of about the recording.

The repertoire that Paco de Lucía plays in this "En vivo" ("Live") album, the twenty-fifth of his career, is an anthology of his most iconic hits and compositions, reinterpreted from the maturity of a master, with a fluent and relaxed live tempo and with a new band of musicians, among others, the singer Duquende, bassist Alain Pérez, the harmonica player Antonio Serrano, the dancer Farru, the guitarist Antonio Sánchez and the singer David de Jacoba. The first disc contains ten minutes of "Variaciones de minera", the bulería por soleá "Mi Antonia", the "Tangos con cositas buenas" and the tribute bulería "Moraíto siempre". The second disc includes the rumba "El cafetal" and, with lenghts of about twelve minutes per track, the seguiriya "Lagartijo", "Zyryab live" and the rumba "Vámonos". Throughout his award-winning and successful career, the guitarist from Algeciras has released several live recordings: in 1975 he published "Paco de Lucia live from the Teatro Real", in 1984 was "Live... One Summer Night" and in 1993 "Live in America".

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